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Document Scanning

Be Prepared for Disaster

In the event of a disaster requiring evacuation, would you have access to your  all of your important data? This service is specifically designed to help the busy family, individual, or small business owner who does not have the time to scan highly important documents for safe keeping in the event of a potential emergency or natural disaster. 


When disasters hit, they are sudden and unexpected, like a house fire, earthquake, storm or flood. Sadly, people end up having to evacuate with the clothes they are wearing and what they can grab on the way out the door. Disasters like Hurricane Katrina have left people without access to important documents such as insurance policies, deeds, medical records, identification documents, and vital records, credit cards and bank account information.


We bring our equipment to your home or office so you don't have to worry about sending them or uploading them. We will remove staples, flatten, straighten, and prepare documents for scanning. Documents get scanned to multiple flash drives for your determination as to how to store. Some people keep a copy of the flash drive in a safe deposit box, or a copy with other trusted family members, or upload it to an online document storage service. Total price for our mobile service, document preparation, scanning up to 150 documents, file organization, and saving documents onto three flash drives is $125. Add  $25 for every 100 additional documents.

By utilizing Blessings Mobile Notary Services for document scanning, families and businesses can enhance their disaster preparedness, streamline document management processes, and protect themselves against potential risks and uncertainties. Contact us today to schedule your mobile document scanning appointment and take the first step towards greater peace of mind and efficiency.

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