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General Price List

General Notary Work

$10 plus base rate travel fee

General notary work includes acknowledgements, verifications upon oath or affirmations (jurat), oaths or affirmations, signature witnessing, and certified copies. 

Price is per notarial act. If your document requires two notarizations, you would be charged for each notarization ($20). 

Please see the resources page for descriptions of the various notarial acts before calling so you know what type of notarization you need. Legally, the notary cannot advise you in any way.

Base Rate Travel Fee

$50 up to 30 mile radius

This is our standard travel fee. We will drive to meet you at a location of your choosing  15 mile radius of our location which is in the general Lacey/Olympia area. Just provide the address when you contact us so we can give you an accurate price quote. The base rate would be the only travel charge up to 15 miles.

Mileage Travel Fee

Add .50 cents per mile to the base rate travel fee outside of 30 mile radius

This fee is only applied when the mileage from our base location to you address exceeds 30 miles. So, it would start at the 31st mile and would apply round trip. Example: if your location is 36 miles away, then multiple 5 miles by .50 (2.50) and double it (round trip), equals $5.00

Loan Signings

$125 - $300

Loan signing rates are all inclusive. We will not attempt to tack on additional fees for various services. For each loan signing, we will read and follow instructions provided, we will travel to the agreed upon destination, we'll print two complete sets of documents - one for the signer to keep, we'll review each document with signer/s and obtain signatures/initials/dates, and notarize where required. We will scan docs back for review and drop signed docs for shipping either before shippers last specified drop time or next morning. We will also send a text indicating assignment has been completed. 

Online Notarizations

This Service is not available at this time.


$175 - $375

This service ranges in price depending your individual timeline and complexity of request. A simple document without a critical completion time would start at the base range. But if your request is an emergency and there are added complexities to complete, then your rate would be on the higher end. We will do our best to give you the best rate possible. The quoted price is all inclusive.

Emergency Document Signing


* Please Call for quote because every situation is unique.

After hours


Please call for quote because every situation is unique.

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